The savings and investment industry in South Africa has been aggressively evolving since the advent of South Africa’s democracy in 1994. The value chain of stakeholders starting with asset owners, fund managers, umbrella funds, retirement funds, labour, advisors, administrators, platforms, industry organisations, the regulator and government have all implemented policies and means and weighed their support to ensure that every black enterprise and individual within the industry has an equal chance at achieving success and that integration of black participants within the industry is realised.

Cohesive integration across the value chain remains an industry challenge. Whilst we have witnessed significant growth in black asset management firms over the last few years many of these firms have struggled to penetrate the investment distribution channels in the retirement fund and retail market. There has also been limited transformation and a handful of new entrants within the value chain of service providers such as advisors and administrators. Our black communities are also underserviced because of the dearth of black financial planners and advisors resulting in low access to financial services and education aggravating an already low savings economy. Access to capital, resources and enabling regulation remains the largest hindrance to progress.

BEE.conomics is a medium to showcase talent thereby enhancing financial inclusivity and facilitating progressive transformation within the South African savings and investment industry.

We provide access to:

  1. Data and intelligence across the sector to ably evaluate the progress of transformation.
  2. A roadmap for asset owners, the public and private sector on how to achieve cohesive integration across the value chain.
  3. Black asset manager investment products.
  4. Black financial planners and advisors.
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