From 2007, 27four Investment Managers began conducting a monthly and an annual, industry wide, survey of black fund management firms in South Africa. This is to effectively measure the progress of transformation within the industry, since the advent of our new democracy. Whilst there is widespread engagement amongst industry participants including fund managers, asset consultants, retirement funds and trade unions regarding the democratisation of investment capital in South Africa, there exists very little, if any, respectable research to ably evaluate this sector.

These surveys have evolved and developed to become the leading source of data and statistics for policy makers and the investment community to ably evaluate and understand this sector. It also provides asset owners access to a new generation of black investment firms that are typically excluded from mainstream consultant searches, due to their smaller asset sizes and short tenure in business.

The research undertaken by 27four allows investors and policy decision makers to assess the many challenges presented and celebrate the many achievements realised, thereby providing a foundation upon which future strategy can be developed.

2017 Survey
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