One of the biggest challenges facing the South African economy is the lack of savings by the ordinary South African. Furthermore many black South Africans do not have access to financial services and education regarding savings remains low. These weaknesses allow unscrupulous financial enterprises to exploit the fragility of our people through complex financial products and high fees. The means to communicate, educate and advise people on financial products and services is through financial planners. Financial planners are typically stand alone small businesses that operate within communities and service communities at large. There are many such enterprises within white communities. However, there are only a handful of black individuals that operate as financial planners in South Africa.

Our Black Financial Planner Incubator is designed to promote financial inclusivity and to achieve radical transformation within financial services by growing small black enterprises through growing black financial planners. By training black individuals to operate as financial planners, these individuals will be well equipped to run small enterprises and service our communities.

How the Incubator works:


The resulting benefits of the success of the Incubator is the following:

  • Skills development.
  • Job creation.
  • The people within our communities will be able to seek professional advice.
  • Promoting a culture of savings.
  • Black financial planners will also be prone to utilise the products and services of black financial services companies having an overall meaningful impact on transformation in South Africa.

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