Retirement Funds

This service caters for retirement funds that require assistance in providing retiring members with appropriate advice in order for them to make a decision about their annuity options. We are able to make available a group of financial planners who are experts at communicating and assisting workers in making informed decisions when it comes to retirement. We will assist the fund implement a strategy to ensure success when it comes to post retirement benefits for its members.

Our services include:

Service Description of Service
Default Retirement Advice

In-fund living annuity

Taking members who opt for a living annuity in the Fund through a process to identify the most appropriate investment option considering their particular needs, this process will be approved by the Board of Trustees.
Financial Planning at Retirement

Out of fund annuity options

For members who choose not to remain in the Fund and wish to use products available in the market and seek advice on the most appropriate options available. This may also include members where a living annuity may be inappropriate.
Investment Product Solutions Providing investment products which may be appropriate as defaults for the in-fund living annuity option.
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