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The 27four Progressive Retirement Fund range are multi-asset class multi-managed portfolios managed in accordance with Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act. The portfolios are designed to meet a range of risk-return preferences and therefore are best suited for member investment choice or as life-stage portfolios within a Defined Contribution Fund.

All the underlying managers selected within the portfolios are all black asset managers as defined by the following criteria:

a. minimum of 50% black ownership with accompanying voting rights and
b. minimum of 50% black representation at board level and
c. minimum of 50% black individuals in senior fund management positions.

Risk budgeting is used for all asset allocation decisions. Manager selection is based on research completed via exhaustive due diligences. In-depth analysis is done on the make-up of managers’ returns in search of evidence of process and philosophy at work. We look for managers who can generate robust, consistently repeatable performance and who are strong alpha generators. Operational, business, staff, compliance and long-term sustainability factors are also taken into account.

Retirement funds seeking alignment to broader transformational imperatives now have access to an offering managed solely by black asset managers to be used for either member investment choice or life stage portfolios.

Progressive Retirement CPI+3% Fund
Progressive Retirement CPI+5% Fund
Progressive Retirement CPI+7% Fund

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